Blackberry Caucus

I unintentionally left my Blackberry at the office this weekend and felt no urge to retrieve it. Here’s a sampling of what I missed.

Eight e-mails from Mitt Romney’s campaign, including breathless announcements that the venerable Marshalltown Times-Republican and the Council Bluffs Nonpareil have fallen for Mitt’s charms.

Eight messages from Rudy Giuliani’s forces, informing me of his schedule. In case you missed it, Rudy’s been endorsed by the newspaper in Dover, NH. He’s got “mettle.”

Six e-mails from Christopher Dodd’s Iowa spokesperson Taylor West, informing me, among other things, that the Connecticut senator strongly disagrees with Mike Huckabee, politely disagrees with Joe Biden and likes Niman ranch pork.

Two missed calls and a GoogleTalk prompt from my wife.

One hot stock tip.

How could I ever live without this wonderful machine?


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