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Silencers and Muzzle Flashes

The LA Times’ Top of the Ticket blog reports that Hillary Clinton has stopped taking questions at her Iowa events as the caucuses loom.

 “Before the brief Christmas break, the New York senator had been setting aside time after campaign speeches to hear from the audience. Now when she’s done speaking, her theme songs blare from loudspeakers, preventing any kind of public Q&A.She was no more inviting when a television reporter approached her after a rally on Thursday and asked if she was “moved’’ by Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. Clinton turned away without answering.

Her daughter, Chelsea, had the same reaction when a reporter approached her with a question.”

The HRC team must have run out of questions to plant. 

Instead of the cold shoulder, Mike Huckabee gave reporters birdshot during his recent Iowa pheasant hunt, according to the Chicago Tribune’s Swamp blog.

“At one point, Huckabee’s party turned toward a cluster of reporters and cameramen and, when they kicked up a pheasant, fired shotgun blasts over the group’s heads. This, friends, is dangerously bad hunting form.”

Wanna give him crap about being foreign policy lightweight? Go ahead, make his day.  



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Three Things I Learned Listening to NPR

I’ve been doing some traveling lately and a lot of radio listening. Here are three stories that kept me from falling asleep as I stared blankly at Iowa’s frozen wasteland/barren beauty.

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