About Dorman

Todd Dorman is a columnist for The Gazette newspaper in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When he’s not writing three thoughtful yet snarky columns a week for the paper, he’ll be posting random thoughts here on local issues, politics, food, music and life in general. He has no illusions that anyone will read it. OK, he has a few. After all, his ego is enormous.


13 responses to “About Dorman

  1. Hi Todd. Caught you on Iowa Journal this evening and have seen you on Yepsen’s show a few times. It’s good to see a former Register sports part-timer make good! Now that I’ve found your blog, I’ll be able to keep better track of you. Here’s to a rousing 2008!

  2. Hiriam Young

    How exactly is Lyle Hanson using his Bachelor of “Scilence” degree which is proudly mentions on his campaign literature? Will it help him keep trak of votur rekerdz?

  3. Chris Nichols

    Mr. Todd Dorman!!!!

    Stumbled upon your blog when checking out all of the flooding back in Iowa. Crazy stuff!!

    Hope all is well!!


  4. Chris Nichols

    I know you are interested in politics.

    I am going to be a delegate at the DNC this summer for HRC. Lookin’ forward to it!

  5. Tim Letterman

    Just what the Gazette needs! Another smartest person in the room liberal. And they think readership of newspapers is down because of the internet, etc. Hey Todd, did you ever think it has something to do with the CONTENT? Obama has had to lay off thousands of campaign staff (journalists from around the country for you libs) because of lack of readership. Nothing to do with what they write about, correct Todd?

  6. Percy Caviness

    Just had a suggestion concerning your question about a monument to the flood. Perhaps we could paint a bright line around the Tree of Five Seasons, at the flood level. We really do need a line somewhere.

  7. A couple months ago you wrote an article on what should cedar rapids be know as now and made the reference to city of 5 seasons . I have lived here almost 40 years and I believe we will always be known as something close to that so why not have fun with it . Someone in the gazette played this game on what 5 words (only 5 ) would you describe yourself on your tombstone ? How about if we become the City of 5 Reasons … My 5 words for our city would be devastation , determination , dedication ,arbitration , salvation ! I’m sure many of your readers would have their own personal 5 words depending on their experience . What do you think of the new name City of 5 Reasons ? Even if it didn’t catch on, the readers would have alot of fun like they did with the tombstone .I enjoy your column .I love articles that leave me pondering .

  8. Lynne Buhrman

    I have a concern and I am not sure where to address this. As a downtown worker who was displaced this past summer I was wondering what the projection of a major flood was for this year. I believe that the levee was not repaired and with the amount of snow we have and that northern states have I can see another big mess if we get a lot of rain. Another thing that concerns me is that CR government is not appearing to be making progress to return downtown. This may be an issue of money and regulation at the federal level, but comments I have heard make it just as likely that they are aware of the possibility that we are going to experience another epic flood. It would be devastating to everyone who has put in time and money to rebuild the downtown to have it all go under again. Is there anyway the paper can address this issue to give the people of Cedar Rapids time to make plans if needed?

  9. Chuck Lehner

    I am watching the Linn County supervisor story what ever happened to honesty ? I would think if they were in the private sector they could not get compansation any where near thier current level. I would like to see if we could compansate these poor people for thier dive to the Iowa work force center after the next election.

  10. Margene Rule

    Love your column, you are so right on all of the time. Our church is looking for an auctioneer for a dinner we are having, you could certainly get lots of laughs and we’d love to have you. Let me know if you are interested.

  11. Dave Becker

    That’s some penny you put at the top of your 3/3 ‘LOST Thoughts’ post. 1955 Double-Dies in that kind of condition will set you back somewhere north of five grand…that’s a lot of flood recovery.

    It’s good to be able to track what’s up in CR without having to navigate through endless pop-ups, and I hope the city is treating you, Katherine, and the young ‘uns well. My best regards to all of you.

    Dave Becker
    (“Dave of the Desert”)

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