$235,000 Spent on Entertaining Lawmakers

From the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure office:


The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board has posted on its Web site reports filed by sponsors of functions held during the 2009 legislative session and the total amount of money spent on these functions.

The total amount reported as being spent on the functions was $ 235,828.55. Reports were filed for 90 functions held during the session. Reports disclose the amount of food, beverage, and entertainment spent at the functions regardless of the number of people who attend. The $3.00 gift limit in the state’s code of ethics does not apply to government officials and employees when attending these types of functions.

“This is the only exception for gifts directly received by state officials and employees that includes public disclosure,” said Charlie Smithson, the Board’s Executive Director. “These reports show that the political economy in Iowa remains robust.”

The reports may be found on the Board’s Web site at: http://www.iowa.gov/ethics/viewreports/2009session_reports.htm

UPDATE — Iowa Independent has a list of the Top 10 priciest receptions. Realtors and the Iowa Farm Bureau lead the list.



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5 responses to “$235,000 Spent on Entertaining Lawmakers

  1. Tom

    90 functions for $235k? That’s about $2,100 per function. Guess they didn’t have any open bars . . .

  2. tdorman

    Tom, check out the Iowa Independent link I just added. 10 receptions topped $7,000.

  3. a

    This really isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. Just think of what a wedding reception costs, then imagine inviting a lot more people to it.

  4. tdorman

    a makes a valid point. Although I didn’t corner anyone at my wedding reception and ask them to slip a tax credit into budget bill. So there’s a difference.

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