1. Why do we keep misplacing top state government officials in this country? First, it was the governor of South Carolina. Now, we can’t account for Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Marsha Ternus in the wee hours of July 12.

Was she home while a seven-pack of 19-year-olds drank beers and partied loudly on her property? Did she know her husband was outside getting busted for interfering with the busting of said beer party? Was she hiking the Appalachian Trail? She’s not saying.

So you can vote, go to war and enter into a legally binding contract, but you can’t down some brews around a bonfire at the chief justice’s house? What kind of country is this?

2. Why would anyone think that remodeling office space for county officials is a higher priority than creating a facility to house juvenile justice programs?

Linn County Supervisor Jim Houser thinks offices are a priority. Supervisor Brent Oelson says juvenile justice should rule. Both projects are seeking I-Jobs bonding bucks. This will be a good chance to see if I-Jobs is really interested in critical infrastructure projects or handing out pork to politicians.

3. Why did House Speaker Pat Murphy think it was a good idea to say he’s backing state Rep. Kerry Burt, who is now under state  investigation, “100 percent?”

 Burt, a Waterloo Democrat, has been accused of providing an incorrect home address in a scheme to save about $37,000 in tuition for his kids at the Price Lab School at UNI. He’s also awaiting trial on a drunken driving charge. Innocent until proven guilty, of course. Still…

“I support Kerry Burt,” Murphy said. “He’s been a very good legislator in his first term of the Legislature. … I’m 100 percent with him.” Murphy told The Des Moines Register.  Really? 100 percent?  Wouldn’t 65 percent make more sense? How about 40? Just until this unpleasantness gets cleared up.

At least Gov. Culver had the sense to say he’s “very troubled.”  

4. Why do Republicans think the smartest plays on health care reform are to accuse Democrats of moving too fast and call for delay?

The issue has been around for decades. It’s been studied and debated to death. The GOP did next to nothing during the 12 years it ran Congress, including 8 with W. in charge. And now it’s all  moving too fast?

“All right guys, as long as Americans remain stupid and forgetful, our strategy can’t fail.” And as long as you have Michael Steele out delivering those talking points, it’ s a slam dunk.

5. Why is my 4-year-old ill-suited to be a spokesperson for Dubuque tourism? She can’t pronounce Dubuque. Instead, she says “The Puke.”  She thinks it’s a lovely city, however.



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10 responses to “Why?

  1. Usually a Fan

    Enjoy your blog, but really don’t understand the hysteria over getting health care passed by August, without really know how it will be financed, and when President Obama himself admits he doesn’t know what is even in the House version yet. I think most Americans would rather see them get it right.

    Typically you do not show your bias, but this time, I think you do. The biggest reason the Democrats are rushing this–the more that Americans really think about what this legislation means to them, the less they like it. Not saying Republicans are pure in this, either, but I don’t see you questioning the motivation of the Democrats in pushing this through.

  2. tdorman

    The thing is, I don’t believe critics want more thoughtful study. Many GOPers want to kill the effort, dance on its grave and gain an electoral advantage. I don’t care if it’s August or October or the end of the year. I just don’t want to see squeamish pols scared of their political shadows and partisan opportunists scuttle this again.

  3. Deb

    How about just “scuttling it” permanently? would that be okay?

  4. Tom

    By all means Deb, let us make sure that 40 million of our fellow American citizens don’t have health insurance. Republicans really do hate fellow Americans.

  5. Deb

    No. We hate seeing the masses be sucked in by the promise of “something for nothing”. and then discovering that wait…Strings are indeed attached. We hate the idea of teaching future generations that it really is the governments job to take care of you. Most of all we hate the idea that Americans suddenly think it’s just peachy leen A-okay to throw out all the principles this country was founded on in via socialized medicine and “for our own good”. It’s wrong from start to bogged down argument to any outcome except scrapping it.
    Sorry, but thats how it is if you understand what a Republic is. And if it makes you feel better, I am a working mom who has NO health insurance.

  6. Todd

    Republicans HAVE offered alternatives, Mr. Dorman…the Democrats REFUSE to allow anything that allows for more competition, more freedom, and the free market to help reduce health care costs to come to the table to be considered.

    The only thing that Democrats are interested in giving MORE control to government over your health care..and LESS control out to patients and doctors…

  7. ctiger

    What the Republicans have been offering, is obstructionism, criticism and the usual scare tactics.
    They have had years to overhaul the system, including the last eight. The first priority has always been to protect businesses, and working people existed to be used. Now, the very exploited are fighting like crazy for the privilege to be exploited some more.
    How anyone can still advocate for a free, unfettered market after what we have learned, or have we ? And why has health care reform become a political tool, rather than a critical need.?

  8. “The Puke”, huh?


    Come on up here when you need a job (and a few tasty brews), OK???

  9. Deb

    We haven’t had a free unfettered market since…well certainly not in most of our lifetimes…so you really can’t condemn the idea nor discuss what we have “learned”…as you’ve never experienced one.

  10. ctiger

    Deb, where have you been the last eight years? Did you not understand the reasons why we had a melt-down?
    Let me explain to you that I have been watching our economy go into the toilet since Reagan undermined the labor unions. Since then, wages have been stagnating while business boomed. The trickle down theory was in fact to be shown a fairytale. Subsequent tax cuts to the rich, and deregulation for business while spending trillions on an illegal war does not add up to a strong economy. The health insurance industry needs to be reigned in now, or we ain’t seen nothin yet when it comes to economic armageddon.

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