A Return

So I’m back from my week-long Iowa staycation.

I’d say I feel tan, rested and ready, but I just vacationed with two small children. So, in fact, I’m sunburned, groggy and ill-prepared.

And what message should I take from the fact that, sometime while I was gone, the hard drive in my workstation Dell desktop passed away? It would have been survived by several important files, had I bothered to back them up. A memorial service is TBA.

But really, why do I need to work? Sifting through a week’s worth of e-mail revealed that I won more than a dozen lotteries and sweepstakes during my absence. Now I can afford all that Viagra and those trips to hard money conferences. Bonus.

But it’s good to be back at my post. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So between the computer and vacation-lag, I’m slowly catching up with what’s happened and happening. Back to full-speed shortly.


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One response to “A Return

  1. Martha Not-Stewart

    Wow! You won all that stuff and are going to retire? So much fun to see spam in the inbox! 🙂
    If you are tan after a week in Marion, then it really is always sunny and 75 there like my dad tells me! I don’t know why we get all of the rain here in CR!

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