Krusty Calls it a Krush

Krusty Konservative today expands on his misgivings about the possibility of Christian Fong jumping into the GOP race for governor.

Krusty contends that service on the Generation Iowa Commission does not make a hefty gubernatorial resume, he’s a young unknown and would be better off seeking a legislative seat first — all valid, fair points.

Krusty also thinks I was too, uh, affectionate, and not thorough enough, when I wrote about Fong last week:

Since Todd “man crush” Dorman is unwilling to do any research on the guy, and fellow TIR blogger Constitution Bi-Weekly (kidding…well kinda) seem to think Fong’s musings on a blog somehow merit gubernatorial consideration, I thought I’d take the 30 seconds needed to do a little research on this guy.

Granted, since he is only 32 years-old, you can’t expect to find a whole lot out there, but I did find a couple interesting contribution Mr. Fong has made. In the fall of 2008, Fong made a $100 contribution to Democrat State Representative Tyler Olson, and a $50 contribution to Democrat State Representative Elisha Gayman. Both Olson and Gayman are pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and vote in lock step with the labor unions.

Actually, I didn’t intend to suggest that I think Fong is clearly ready to be governor or even the GOP nominee. We’ve got a long campaign to settle that question, if he takes the plunge.

I wasn’t looking for love, honest. Just a column. 

Make sure to read Krusty’s whole post.



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2 responses to “Krusty Calls it a Krush

  1. Christine Z.

    What a clever way to get someone to do your research for you.
    I liked what I heard so far about Fong. Will keep an eye on Krusty’s further reports on this guy.

  2. Tom

    who cares what Nick Ryan, errrr, Krusty, thinks?

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