Fong’s In

Christian Fong just tweeted that he’s entering the campaign for governor:

christianfong Today I announced & filed that I am a candidate for Governor of Iowa

So I guess Eastern Iowa now has a candidate.  He talked to James Lynch of The Gazette first.



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5 responses to “Fong’s In

  1. Christine Z.

    Sounds like the same old song. What a disappointment. I hoped his youth meant that he would be more progressive.

  2. Mike

    This guy is what…32 years old? He’s got virtually ZERO qualifications to run for Governor..especially at a time where our state is in a serious fiscal mess.

    He’s getting lead by the nose by certain individuals within the Republican Party..and its only going to end up damaging the party even further…

  3. Doug

    What hilarious comments. Glad you have everything figured out from a couple of articles. “Progressive” must mean “agrees with me.” And, “getting lead by the nose” must mean “I don’t agree with them.”

  4. Brad

    Culver has done the best job possible for our unbelievable state. People are quick to be negative because they expect instant results. Big decisions take time as they involve so many stakeholders. Unfortunately, it appears that Fong does not have the necessary background to lead this state.

  5. Mike


    What part of a 900 MILLION dollar deficit do you not understand?

    Culver’s done a TERRIBLE job as Governor. While Cedar Rapids and Iowa City were crying for help last year after the floods…Culver sat on his hands and refused to call a special session to immediately get the wheels turning to help flood affected communities.

    Then Culver put a bunch of his political cronies in charge of the Rebuild Iowa office instead of competent professionals.

    All the while, Culver and his Democratic Party buddies have been spending and spending like crazy..all while state revenues haven’t been coming in at a rate to cover the checks they’ve been writing.

    So, as of today, we have a 900 MILLION dollar nightmare we’re going to have to deal with..guess what..the feds aren’t going to come to save us…

    We’re the ones that are going to have to clean up the mess…

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