Elect Me. Impeach Me.

Republican candidate for governor Bob Vander Plaats has unveiled a new campaign strategy. If elected, he promises to be impeached.

From The Iowa Independent:

Appearing on the show of controversial Christian radio host Steve Deace, Vander Plaats once again said if elected governor in 2010 he would issue an executive order stopping same-sex marriage until the legislature either passes a law legalizing it or passes a constitutional amendment banning it.

“I can’t give the people the right to vote on this, but I think I can mobilize people like [Senate Majority Leader Mike] Gronstal and [House Speaker Pat] Murphy by saying no more same-sex marriages until you step up and vote to make this law,” Vander Plaats said.

After doing so, he said he fully expects Democrats to try to remove him from office for “promoting lawlessness.”

“I would like to have that debate, because then Pat Murphy has to go back to his people in Dubuque and tell them we’re going to impeach Vander Plaats because he wants the legislature to do its job in the constitution and he also wants to give you the right to vote,” he said. “I don’t think that would play very well.”

I know,I know, this is supposed to be gold with the base. But again, with so many other big problems facing the state (a.k.a stuff most people care about) why is it a good idea to elect a candidate who will spend the opening months of his term fighting impeachment?

Maybe you know. I don’t.



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3 responses to “Elect Me. Impeach Me.

  1. Christine Z.

    Vander Plaats: The voice of desperation

  2. DeaceFan

    Oh, Dorman is just mad because he went on Deace’s show to “put him in his place on the issue” and ended up looking like an idiot. He doesn’t understand the issue at all and his total inability to discuss it outside of his column (where he is the only one talking) is evident if you listen to the pod-cast of Deace’s show from last week.

  3. Christine Z.

    Deace fan should remember that Deace is more into an audience, than into facts.

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