The Register’s Excellent Choice

So I was in an intense column idea-generating session yesterday afternoon on Gardner Golf Course when my BlackBerry buzzed with news that Kathie Obradovich will be The Register’s new political columnist.  She replaces some guy named David Yepsen, who took a job at Southern Illinois U.

The Register made an excellent choice.

Kathie was Des Moines bureau chief for Lee Enterprises newspapers when I took a job there in 1998. We had a  great time working together and I count her as a friend and mentor. She’s a terrific, thoughtful writer with a great sense of humor, and I’m looking forward to her columns.



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3 responses to “The Register’s Excellent Choice

  1. JimD

    Way to go Kathie!

  2. kevin

    how come the city is not helping the flood victims as they are puting more money in the urban fishery or the ceder bend lak projest they have hired borst con co to do work and there doing it now when flood victima have to wate but i guess the trail and lake is more important to them then the bussniss are and other hurt by flood

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