A Presidential Precedent in Hiawatha

The Washington Post carries newsof a new Maryland elementary school a few miles from the White House that’s going to be named for President Obama. It would be the second school in country named after The One.

Obama is also not the first president to have a school named after him while he’s still in office.  The Post notes that it actually happened once around these parts:

It isn’t unprecedented to name a school after a sitting president. In 2003, George W. Bush Elementary School opened in Stockton, Calif., during Bush’s first presidential term. In 1970, a new school in Hiawatha, Iowa, was named Richard M. Nixon Elementary. The school is still called Nixon Elementary 35 years after the 37th president resigned in the Watergate scandal.

I’m sure natives already knew that. It was news to me.



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2 responses to “A Presidential Precedent in Hiawatha

  1. That’s news to me as well. I am interested in how many schools there are names after Nixon in this country, I imagine that the CRCSD and Hiawatha are one of the few.

  2. Tom

    Todd, you’re too young to recall Nixon’s campaign slogan from ’72 – “Nixon’s The One” . . . we always facetiously said, yeah, he’s the one, allright . . . the one who initiated Phase I & II Wage & Price Controls, the secret plan to end the war in Vietnam, etc.

    Hey, as a politically saavy guy maybe you can advise me about campaign materials. I have 2 packs of George HW Bush cigarettes and 2 packs of Dukakis cigarettes from the ’88 campaign – unopened. I was all set to sell them on ebay – when it turns out you cannot sell tobacco on ebay. I’ve got pix if you’re interested in seeing them. Know any collectors?

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