Hinzman Suspends his Mayoral Ambitions

Gary Hinzman says he’s staying on the sidelines in Cedar Rapids’ mayoral race, at least for the time being.

For months, the director of the Sixth District Department of Correctional Services was expected to run. He posted a campaign Web site and asked city officials for advice on any ethics problems that his election might pose for family members who work for the city.

But Hinzman now says he’s suspending those efforts.

“I’m not interested in getting into a political campaign,” Hinzman said. “The city needs good leadership. Hopefully, there will be candidates who can provide good leadership.”

Hinzman said he might change his mind and jump in later if declared candidates fail to address important issues. The only candidate officially in the race is former Iowa House speaker and CR chamber president Ron Corbett, who Hinzman said is “picking up steam and rolling right along.”

His ambitions, he said, have complicated his day job. That includes raising funds and spearheading community projets for the Corrections Association Foundation.

“It’s hard to do something positive without people thinking there’s a political motive behind it,” Hinzman said.

Hinzman’s s decision comes a week after City Council member Monica Vernon announced that she will not run for mayor.


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One response to “Hinzman Suspends his Mayoral Ambitions

  1. Martha Not-Stewart

    It will be interesting to see who else runs for mayor.

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