Be The Poll — GOP Gov Primary

Several Republicans are exploring, contemplating, mulling and considering the prospect of running for governor. They think Democratic Gov. Chet Culver may be vulnerable and they’d like a shot knocking him off.

Bob Vander Plaats is already in. State Rep. Christopher Rants formally created a campaign committee today.

Several others are thinking it over, including state U.S. Rep. Steve King of Kiron, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Rep. Rod Roberts from Carroll, former Senate President Jeff Lamberti of Ankeny, state Sen. Jerry Behn of Boone, Iowa Machine Shed restaurateur Mike Whalen and University of Dubuque President Jeffrey Bullock.

It’s early. The June 2010 primary is still a ways off. Anything can happen.

But who cares? Let’s have a fake vote now, just for fun.



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7 responses to “Be The Poll — GOP Gov Primary

  1. Martha Not-Stewart

    I can’t decide now because I haven’t seen ads and gotten all of those automated phone calls! 🙂 Actually I won’t be seeing the ads until I get my tv fixed and the ads from politicians are a reason to leave it as a dust collector!

  2. mistaketv

    I’d never vote Republican, but I like that the name Christopher Rants is also a sentence that describes him accurately.

  3. Christine Zook

    Looks like Someone Else has the lead so far. I wonder if it’s the same person that used to live at my house and break everything?

  4. Could an Iowan from the Cedar Rapids area emerge in the Governor’s race in the State of Iowa?

    It will be interesting to watch the elections of 2009 locally, with the school boards and municipalities. We know Ron Corbett is running for mayor in Cedar Rapids. Some names are beginning to surface for other city races.

    As Thomas “Tip” O’Neil said, all politics are local.

  5. Christine Zook

    Rants is gaining on Someone Else. Vander Plaats will need to dust off some of those “Though on Crime” promises, unless Steve King has the copy rights.

  6. Seth

    Oh Lord, please let that almost-comically ignorant Steve King run.. I’d love to put that embarassment on a shelf and forget about him.

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