In Memoriam — TV-1900B



Casio TV-1900B passed away last week at the age of 10. The cause of death was listed as “digital television transition.”

Casio was was given to local hack Todd D0rman as a present for his 29th birthday. For his part, Casio gave and gave over the next decade, never asking for much more than fresh batteries and an occasional shot of Windex to the screen.

Casio was there when the Iowa Legislature, in its bottomless capacity for insensitivity, remained in session through NCAA basketball tournament games.

Casio was there through ill-timed, wife-inflicted errands and activities that conflicted with regular season, playoff and championship contests.

Casio was there to provide comfort and distraction while all manner of female clothing was tried on and discarded and tried on again.

Casio often drew exclamations of admiration from gentlemen in similar circumstances, but who were without such a wondrous device.

Casio was there at the fateful moment when Todd’s brother scored tickets for a Twins playoff game on the same day and time as Purdue was visiting Iowa City for a critical Big 10 football showdown. As Todd sat in the Metrodome, Casio was able to pull in the Iowa game from a local TV affiliate.

Consequently, Todd and the men of his clan were able to bask in the glow of simultaeous triumphs.

Sadly, Casio’s analog tuner was no match for the onward march of technology. With last week’s switch to digital, Casio’s screen faded to snow. It’s tuning line scanned in vain for channels it can no longer find.

So this morning, in accordance with Casio’s wishes, his batteries were removed in a solemn ceremony.

He will never be forgotten. And I hope, as Father’s Day approaches, that my family will also remember that several brands of portable, digital TVs are now for sale at very reasonable prices. Sniff.



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8 responses to “In Memoriam — TV-1900B

  1. Christine Z.

    I was almost in tears, right up to that last “Sniff.”
    My husband will Not get to see this, he’s a big enough humbug already.

  2. Tim Hynds

    You took Casio into the dressing room with you?!

    Did he require therapy?

  3. tdorman

    Dang it Hynds. Busted. And no, Casio was very open-minded.

  4. Tom

    I’ve got a Sony that I guess has met the same fate, though hardly so eloquently. Nice piece.

  5. DJ

    Our 7″ RCA portable TV — that kept our family company on those long summer road trips — gave it up last week too. It weighed about 20 pounds, but was pretty hi-tech for 1985.

  6. J. Sharp

    I had a radio that would pull in TV audio signals. Oh, I loved having it for those long bus-driving shifts. True, there were some shows that just weren’t the same audio only (Wheel of Fortune, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show) but there were some that were even better (House works surprisingly well as a radio drama).

  7. george

    where you seeing tiny digital TVs? Also do they have the same reception problems as big digitals out in the country??

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