The Rantsolution Will be Tweeted

Republican gubernatorial explorer Christopher Rants tells the Muscatine Journal that if he ever formally jumps into the race, he will make the annoucement on Twitter:

“I am exploring running for governor,” said Rants, 41 — a Sioux City Republican, 17-year veteran of the Iowa Legislature and former Speaker of the House. He declined to say when he would make a decision, adding that he would explore a campaign for as long as he can receive free publicity. He will eventually announce his decision on the social-networking Web site Twitter, Rants said.

No fateful tweet at this hour. But earlier this morning, Rants tweeted that he now has 19,874 miles on his odometer.

History, 140 characters at a time, folks.

In other GOP gubernatorial news, Krusty Konservative says Doug Gross is convening another meeting of  “a bunch of know-nothing, washed up moderates.”  No word on when the unelectable wingnuts will meet. Krusty then offers his take on roughly 673 potential Republican candidates.

In case you missed it, movie toughman and martial arts expert Chuck Norris has endorsed Bob Vander Plaats. But oddly, Vander Plaats did not return the favor by endorsing Total Gym.

Oh, and state Rep. Rod Roberts is politely asking us to remember him when we think of potential governors. No problem, Bob.


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