Be The Poll — Commemoration

There’s been some debate in Cedar Rapids this week over the appropriateness of commemorating the first anniversary of the flood.

Some flood victims, pointing to  neighborhoods still deeply scarred by the disaster, say they want no part in commemoration events. A few have argued that a “celebration” is inappropriate.

Community leaders and event organizers have been careful not to use the word “celebration,” insisting instead that this week is a time to remember the flood and its aftermath and to look ahead. They say it’s healthy to take stock after one year, even though recovery will take many years.

What do you think? Is it OK to commemorate the flood? Or is it insensitive to residents who are still struggling to recover?


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One response to “Be The Poll — Commemoration

  1. While I think that commemorating the flood is important, I think that this week’s non-celebration celebrations were too much.

    The flood was such a huge, devastating event, I think that any commemoration must be subtle so the disaster can speak for itself.

    reFocus (the Gazette’s photography blog) did a great post with three different flood marks

    It made me realize that no matter how many videos I see and how many speeches I hear, nothing effects me as strongly as when I stop to look around an area, and realize the level the water reached.

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