Big Lug – No Special

Gov. Chet Culver says he won’t need to call a special session of the legislature to fix a very shaky 2009 budget, which will be dipping its toes in red ink when the fiscal year ends June 30.

Culver says he can manage any difficulties on his own.

Wise call. I mean, can you imagine Culver calling a special session to fix a budget hole after not calling a session last fall to fix large parts of the state devastated by flooding, tornadoes etc? Tough to explain that one.

He’s raised the bar pretty high in terms of when to call an extra legislative period. Largest natural disaster in Iowa history? Nah. Plague of locusts? We’ll see.

Lucky for him he’s got a friendly legislature that’s willing to let him move huge sums of money around the budget without objection. When you get to wield both executive and legislative power, who needs the legislature?

If some conservatives get their way, and governors also start ignoring Supreme Court rulings, we’ll have ourselves quite an executive branch.


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One response to “Big Lug – No Special

  1. Christine Zook

    Emperor -oops I mean Governor Culver is quite ambitious, isn’t he?
    Why is the legislature so timid against him?

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