Thanks. Pass the Pork Rinds.

Santa Barbara Independent columnist Sunshine Roshell says Iowa “kicks California’s toned tanned tushie:”

We were the heralds of “hot.” The harbingers of “hip.” But no more.

Last week, our high court handed that mantle over to a pot-bellied, farm-belt state called Iowa. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Whereas California’s Supreme Court voted to uphold a ban on gay marriage, Iowa has been marrying gays since April.



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2 responses to “Thanks. Pass the Pork Rinds.

  1. Tod Kohl

    Maybe we wouldn’t look so “pot bellied” if we loosened our “farm belt”…

  2. Deb

    If you read the whole thing, it’s kind mostly complimentary…backhanded, for sure, but at least it’s backhanded compliments…
    and probably contains a couple tidbits about Iowa that most Iowans do not know!

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