Salier v. King

U.S. Rep. Steve King disagrees with the Iowa Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling and wants Iowans to vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex unions. But he’s smart enough to know that government officials still must abide by court rulings.

But conservative “activist” Bill Salier says King has gone lefty soft. It may take a primary to set his mind right.  

He went after that liberal Grassley. Now he’s after King. And Iowa Independent showcases Salier’s theory on how judicial review should work in a democracy:

“When the governor stands up and says ‘I will not enforce this order.’ When the statehouse stands up and says this [law] is still on the books, and county recorders will abide by the law that is still on the books. That is the end game,” Salier said Wednesday on Steve Deace’s WHO-AM radio program. “So what if the court comes up and says ‘Uh uh.’ That’s all they can do. They don’t have any authority in this matter. They don’t have the guns, they don’t have the money. The statehouse and the governor control the law. We control them.”

He’s taking shots at an unarmed court! Well, I guess the Supreme Court should’ve  armed itself.

It will be a  truly great day when Gov. Vander Plaats orders the National Guard to occupy the Judicial Building. Then we can have the kind of Venezuelan justice system Iowans have been yearning for.

Viva the revolution.



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2 responses to “Salier v. King

  1. Ray T

    As usual, Salier, Vander Plaats and the head of the religious wachos, Steve Deace, are good for a chuckle. The scary part is, they are serious in what they say. Not sure what color the sun is in their world!

  2. Iowa Cynic

    Todd, this isn’t a Venezuelan revolution they’re talking about here. This is Afghani style jihad.

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