Be The Poll – Duuuude

As I noted yesterday, the Illinois Senate approved legislation legalizing marijuana for medical use. Minnesota’s governor vetoed a similar bill last week.

During the last Iowa legislative session. Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, floated the idea but eventually dropped it.

Officials in several states have talked about it, especially the idea of taxing legal pot to raise much-needed revenue. And the Obama administration has said it doesn’t plan to crack down on pot use legalized by states.

So, what do you think? Should Iowa open the door to legal pot?



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4 responses to “Be The Poll – Duuuude

  1. Bob Rehak

    So why are yes voted being removed in this poll? Earlier today there were 17 more votes than there are currently. And the third answer isn’t very professional nor should have it been included if you wanted a serious poll.

  2. tdorman

    Nobody is removing votes. Not sure what the explanation is for the discrepancy. And I happen to be very serious about Doritos.

  3. Bob Rehak

    Magically it’s back up to the same number it was when I first checked it again, 67. It was in the 40’s yesterday. But yet, the no votes have gone up.

    Either way, how about re-doing the poll, and being serious about it/putting a link to GazetteOnline to it, or writing a story and including a poll; to get some real debate behind it. Truly ill people need all the help they can get, and the more people who understand medical benefit to alternative therapy, the faster it will happen.

  4. Christine Zook

    Todd Dorman,
    Did you really vote 13 times just to get some chips?
    We readers need to send you a care package. lol

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