What’s Nebraska Up To? Updated

Nebraskans will find out today what what their new license plates will look like.

More than 100,000 Nebraskans have voted on four finalists, according to The World-Herald. Personally, I like the state bird and flower design. It was submitted by the public. Power to the people!

In any event, this is a very big moment for license plate bingo aficionados, a venerable sport all but killed by the advent of the portable DVD player.

But not all Nebraskans are pleased with their choices:

The governor’s announcement culminates two weeks of online voting — and two weeks of griping and complaining about the choices offered.

Actually, the online vote did not include a “none of the above” option. But letters to the editor and calls and e-mails to state officials made it clear that some Nebraskans dislike the choices offered.

A leading Nebraska advertising executive even volunteered the state’s top marketing firms to create different designs at no charge to the state. Jim Lauerman, chief executive officer of Bailey Lauerman of Omaha and Lincoln, called the four designs “embarrassing.”

Folks of a certain age here in Iowa will remember the “State of Minds” debacle, when Gov. Terry Branstad and others advocated a new license plate with the slogan “Iowa A State of Minds.” It was supposed to plug our great schools . But it was widely derided by well-educated Iowans and dropped.

Good luck, Nebraskans.

UPDATE — And the winner is…


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One response to “What’s Nebraska Up To? Updated

  1. Martha Not-Stewart

    A boring design,but at least it has nothing to do with state of minds!

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