Be The Poll — County Bonding

So the Linn County Board of Supervisors is talking about floating $9.5 million in bonds to rennovate its Administrative Office Building. The feds will provide $2.2 million to fix flood damage, but an additional $9.5 million is needed for extra remodeling.

The plan includes adding a new top floor. That’s where supervisors’ offices would be located. They’d be movin’ on up to a d-lux office in the sky-y. (Sorry again, youngsters, for the confusing 70s-80s cultural reference.)

And thanks to a bill approved by the Legisalture and signed last week by Gov. Chet Culver, they can issue those bonds without a public vote. Citizens can call for a vote through “reverse referrendum,” but you’d need to collect more than 22,000 signatures. A very tall order.

But you can still vote here, no signatures required.



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3 responses to “Be The Poll — County Bonding

  1. Dave S

    Man, first the pay fiasco, now new “penthouse” offices being added with no voter approval. This board is amazingly tone deaf.

  2. concerned_citizen

    I voted “NO” only because you don’t have a “F**K NO” choice.

  3. Darrell A

    I’ve looked at the poll several times and still don’t see the “HELL no and these clowns should be voted out asap” button.

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