I’m Narrow-Minded

Actual Size

Actual Size

The top 5 things I like about the new, narrower Gazette.

5.  The entire A Section now fits perfectly in my charcoal starter chimney. How’d y’all like yer steaks?

4. My column is a little shorter, but my photo is now much bigger. And you get my second chin at no extra charge.

3. The newspaper now stays on my steering wheel better while I’m driving and talking on my BlackBerry.

2. Holding it makes me feel like I’m a giant. A powerful giant.

1. I can still read it for free on the big fat Internet.



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5 responses to “I’m Narrow-Minded

  1. Did it get run it through the dryer again? I was sure if it shrunk again it’d evaporate into thin air!

  2. Dan

    Had to go up two more numbers in reading glasses. Looks the same now at a small expense.

  3. jan mcbain

    Size and layout wasn’t as bad as predicted. At least
    I get my favorite comic now.

  4. Charles

    I guess indeed, size doesn’t matter for the Gazette.

    I wish I could get as skinny so quickly as the Gazette has.

    I wonder if the Gazette will get so small, I can use it as a Post-It note.

    I know folks are predicting shrinkage for newspaper advertising, but this is taking it a bit extreme.

    Maybe this change in width will make some of the Gazette writers less dense.

  5. Charles

    Also, is it just me or since the Gazette went to the new format – less people are dying everyday in Eastern Iowa? If true, nice job Gazette for saving lives.

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