Corbett’s Home Cooking

A Quiche

A Quiche

While his would-be opponents are switching political parties and weighing their options, Cedar Rapids mayoral hopeful Ron Corbett is relying on some home cooking to boost his knowledge of local issues.

Corbett has been inviting community activists, movers and shakers, flood victims and other residents to his home on Friday nights for dinner. His wife, Bénédicte, who is from France, does the cooking.

Corbett originally envisioned “crepes and conversation.” The chef had a different idea.

“She said crepes are too hard to make. So she makes quiche,” Corbett said. One vegetarian and one with meat. Very bipartisan.

The Corbetts have hosted had four dinners so far, with 10 people invited to each. And the former speaker of the Iowa House and former Cedar Rapids chamber president insists the gatherings are not intended to pitch his run for mayor 

He says he’s more interested in getting a range of opinions on local issues as his campaign takes shape.

“It’s just come and share your thoughts,” Corbett said.

Corbett is the lone declared candidate in the race for mayor. Linn County Supervisor Linda Langston said this week that she is exploring a run.

Other potentials include City Council members Monica Vernon and Brian Fagan and Gary Hinzman, director of the Sixth Judical District Dept. of Correctional services.



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  1. 16th Ave Kosek Trust (Supporting Proudly The Brave Polish Cavalry of WWII)

    How about rare steak?

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