Salier vs. Gross – The GOP’s Next Move?

A group of veteran Republicans led by Doug Gross shared poll results with media today indicating the road to a GOP comeback runs through the economic issues Iowans care about most.

The Hill Research survey found that bread-and-butter pocketbook issues were far more important than social issues, such as gay marriage, to Iowans polled. And 50 percent think the state is on the wrong track, which presents an opening for Republicans in 2010.

From the Radio Iowa story:

Gross says as a result the party is “clearly focused on the kinds of agenda items that can provide for a winning coalition for us.” He says that gives Republicans a “tremendous opportunity to gain control of the Iowa House and make substantial gains in the Iowa Senate. Gross says the polling shows the coalition that’s looking for a change in leadership includes social conservatives — so they don’t have to overlook social issues.

Gross says it’s “just fine” to have candidates who are fiscally and socially conservatives, who for example might be in favor of an amendment to ban gay marriage. “But what we need to make certain that we do, in addition to that, that can’t be our only issue, that can’t be the issue we lead with, what really unites the Iowa electorate, even what our poll found, even beyond Republicans, beyond independents, including some Democrats, is fiscal conservatism,” Gross says.

Well, that’s one approach. Broaden the party’s appeal.

Or, you can go on a witch hunt against any politician, including longtime Republicans, who didn’t do enough to solve the “constitutional crisis” of gay marriage. Pass the litmus test or get out.

Conservative enforcer Bill Salier, former state Rep. Danny Carroll and their allies are picking door No. 2, according to a post they signed at The Iowa Republican:

If Iowa’s elected officials in both parties don’t get their act together, they won’t need to worry about their majority or minority status. They will need to begin to consider instead that they may find themselves without the votes to exist at all. The Iowa Constitution clearly states, “All political power is inherent in the people.” It’s time we the people took our political power back from those who abuse it.

Whatever happens, citizens of Iowa affiliated with both parties, who believe in and understand the Constitution, must run for office. Unless the next legislative session produces a different outcome, 2010 may be the year of the primary. After the last four months, it seems that many of the politicians who currently serve in the House and Senate are not up to the task.

So there you have it, Republicans. Unite for a comeback focused on issues that actually impact Iowans or go on a divine retribution spree that chases even more people away from the GOP.

Yeah, that’s a tough one.



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2 responses to “Salier vs. Gross – The GOP’s Next Move?

  1. Iowa Cynic

    The GOP hates us for our freedoms.

    • Ray T

      The Republican party is going no where as long as the religious wachos have a say in anything. They are trying to become the face of the party and by doing so has caused the party to implode. Putting Vander Plants up as the Gov. candidate is a BIG mistake. Moderate Republicans will not support him and “On the fence” Democrats think he is a religious nutcase. Get back to the Republican party of old and leave the religion in a church, where it belongs.

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