Indian Creek Art Opening

Indian Creek Elementary School was the epicenter of the north Marion art scene Thursday night.

The annual art show was a magnet for the local glitterati. And, in my opinion, some of the most exciting, cutting-edge pieces were produced by Tess Dorman. I may be biased, however.


Tess is shown here displaying her sock puppet. I found it to be a raw, unpretentious expression of the muffled, agst-ridden screams of a materialistic society collapsing upon itself. I also felt a keen sense of loss, mostly because that’s one of my socks.

So what did the artist have to say?

“Her name is Goldie Socks,” Tess said.

Brilliant. Heartbreaking.


Next, we have this piece, offering bright colors composed on a common brown paper grocery sack. Obviously, this symbol of free expression is trapped by the conventions of a world that turns to the supermarket, instead of to nature, for its sustenance. Sad, so sad.

“It’s a bird,” Tess said.


This self-portrait of Tess as a princess is clearly an in-your-face flourish against the suffocating gender identities and unrealistic expectations imposed by society. A crown yes, but at what cost?

“That’s supposed to be me,” Tess said.

Tess also made a very colorful T-shirt and a clay sculpture of a turtle.

They were really good. Again, I may be biased.


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