Tuesday Reads — The Social Order Crumbles

Well, my newspaper is not on the front stoop this morning. So, evidently, the post-gay marriage crumbling of our social order has begun. Dang. I’m going to miss the Family Circus.

Anyway, this just in, same-sex marriage is now all nice and legal in Iowa. You can’t throw a bouquet this morning without hitting media coverage of day one. Lee/Covering Iowa Politics’ Charlotte Eby and others report things went smoothly for the most part.

But some of the dire warnings came to pass.

For instance, Nebraskans came to Council Bluffs and Minnesotans came to Northwood, and they weren’t here to gamble! Shock. Sirens. Steve King was right. We are now the gay mecca.

Is there any money for interstate gay gates in the bonding bill? We can only hope.

Gay rights foes started pointing to 2010, when they promise to unleash a political s-storm on Gov. Chet Culver and others who didn’t fall in line behind a constitutional ban. Rod Boshart has the opposition’s take on Monday’s events at Covering Iowa Politics.

Boshart’s story also quotes Larry Pope, a Republican who also knows quite a bit about constitutional law. He contends that s gay marriage opponents who keep saying Culver could stop all of this with an executive order are on the wrong track. Culver has said, rightly, he doesn’t have the power to set aside an Iowa Supreme Court decision.

“I’m a good loyal Republican and always have been, but right now the governor’s getting better legal advice,” Pope said. “There’s very limited role for the governor to play in this.

“The governor could issue an executive order but it would have no force of law because the governor can’t tell somebody to violate the law,” he added. “The governor has no power to order recorders or clerks to do or not do something. Contrary to what talk radio’s been saying, there’s really no role for executive officials other than to carry out the decision of the court.”

Then there was former GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Gross’ take on the political value of the marriage issue for his floundering party:

“For Republicans to win, they need to have a broad agenda,” said Doug Gross, a former GOP gubernatorial nominee. “That issue is not a negative one for Republicans, but if Republicans let this be the only thing they talk about, they won’t be successful in 2010.”

Still, Culver remains open to the attack that he somehow flip-flopped on the issue. As a candidate he vowed to protect “traditional marriage.” As governor, he’s opposed to a constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions.

Culver continues to argue that his personal opposition to gay marriage and his gubernatorial respect for a unanimous civil rights decision can coexist. He told The Des Moines Register that he’s not being inconsistent.

But conservatives such as Bob Vander Plaats, who can’t see any reason to separate their personal views and public policy, are ready to skewer the Big Lug.

Also in The Register is a great column by Mark Hansen, who chronicles the assertion by WHO Radio host Jan Mickelson that we’re “backwater” bumpkins who have been brainwashed by a massive gay conspiracy. Well, duh.

And really, what’s the difference? The swine flu will have us long before 2010.

State officials, according to Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson, say it’s only a matter of time before swine flu cases appear in Iowa. Don’t be alarmed, they say. The state is on the case. There’s a stockpile of antiviral drugs. And the Lt. Gov. just has allergies. All is well.

In Sioux City, The Journal adds its local take to the “matter of time” drumbeat.

So what else is unhealthy?

Having your son extract your pacemaker with a pocket knife. The Gazette’s Adam Belz has a fascinating follow up to the bizzare weekend story from Manchester. It’s packed with details.

Ah, my paper has arrived. The social order is restored.


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  1. Darrell

    Iowa as a “gay mecca”: Hmm, rather unlikely I think. As I heard somewhere, “there is nothing that gay people love more than cold weather and farmwork”.

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