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Took a little out-of-state siesta over the weekend, but have returned. It was nice for Marion to blow the tornado sirens last night to welcome us back to town, but it wasn’t necessary.

I’ll be out this morning covering the buzz at the Linn County recorder’s office as the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage takes effect. Trish and Kate Varnum, who were among the plaintiffs in the landmark case, have invited me to tag along as they line up for the license they’ve been waiting years to get.

Radio Iowa says courthouses will be busier than usual. It also notes that Lambda Legal, the gay rights group that engineered the court victory here, will have observers in two-dozen county courthouses. But problems are not expected. Charlotte Eby writes that recorders are ready.

Lee/The Gazette’s James Lynch writes that a “circus-like atmosphere” at courthouses where couples line up for licenses and protesters demonstrate outside.

The Des Moines Register leads its Web page with a story on how gay marriage rights that are now the law of the land in Iowa won’t follow couples once they cross our borders.

I wrote a column last week before my siesta, that never made it to the blog, on how few victories opponents of gay rights have to back up their loud vows to smite their political opponents. Check it out. It’s still fresh as today’s headlines.


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