Outrage – White Sox White House

Politico has the goods.

A secret, unannounced meeting with key players in baseball’s axis of evil. David Axelrod seen in a Sox cap with an Obama campaign logo.

OK. that’s it. Where’s a tea party I can join? Better yet a Grain Belt party.

Go Twins.


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One response to “Outrage – White Sox White House

  1. Charles Reader

    Here is a thought for you. President Obama just announced $100 million in federal budget cuts and all the media is fawning all over it.

    $100 Million? Hmmm.
    In the midst of the worst national economic recession since the Great Depression and while many Iowans are still recovering from the disasters of last year, Governor Chet Culver and Lt. Governor Patty Judge today submitted their $6.2 billion budget for fiscal year 2010. The proposal recommends further budget cuts – rather than tax increases – to help meet the challenges of declining state revenues.

    “In RECENT MONTHS, we have reduced state government spending by nearly $180 million in order to maintain a balanced budget,” said Governor Culver. “Those steps addressed our revenue declines during the current fiscal year, but more cuts are necessary. Today, I am submitting my fiscal year 2010 budget proposal to the Iowa General Assembly. In this economic climate, it will mean that state government – like families and businesses across the state and nation – must truly do more with less. “

    “My budget proposal for fiscal year 2010 will reflect a 6.5 percent cut to almost every state department and program,” the Governor continued. “In fact, 207 of the 253 line items in my budget proposal will be cut by 6.5 percent. That represents a savings of $400 million to Iowa taxpayers.”

    Can anyone in the media have any perspective on the drivel that is coming out of Washington at such a critical time in our history? Your thoughts on reality?

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