Friday Read – Reminder

Technical problems at my home place sort of scuttled today’s Friday reads.

But I do want to call your attention to a truly compelling story tucked inside this morning’s New York Times about U.S. troops turning the tables on the Taliban in Afghanistan. It’s riveting, edge-of-your seat stuff.

It’s also a timely reminder that while we’re sniping about tea parties and tax deductions and marriage, Americans are doing a very tough job overseas. Putting our ideological eye-gouging on hold for a minute to remember that would probably be a good thing. So please read it.

Now, back to mind-numbing demagoguery, already in progress.



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5 responses to “Friday Read – Reminder

  1. Wow. Now we are turning to the New York Times… to get stories about the good job our Military is doing overseas.

    What a hypocritical pile of manure. It’s no wonder that publication is going bankrupt.

  2. tdorman

    Yeah, well, I just thought it was a good story. Sorry to offend.

  3. That comment wasnt directed at you, Todd. I respect your work, NYT, not so much. The article may be good but the underlying point is that they spent the vast majority of the last six years writing stories to the contrary.

  4. tdorman

    I understand where you’re coming from, Zach. Although I will say the Times, aside from its institutional politics, has some good journalists in the field doing first-rate, first-hand war reporting. I think placement is often the issue. This story, for instance, was not on the front page. The front page story was on the Taliban gaining ground by exploiting land disputes.

  5. I think that if we took a hard look at the journalism landscape and dug down to individual journalists and reporters we would find a lot of good people. The problem, in my opinion, is giant media conglomerates that so many of these people are placed under.

    Being from the .. “right wing extremist” side I do find myself more comfortable with Fox News but the bottom line is that there really are no news orgs that aren’t guilty of bias. There is also a ton of news “creation” rather than news *reporting* which is a huge problem.

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