Monday Reads — Unresolved Bidness

State lawmakers are hoping to adjourn this week, even though they still have a session’s worth of work left to do in the next few days. Tax reform, bonding, the state budget, disaster recovery etc.

The list of bills still on the agenda is staggering. The Des Moines Register gives us a good rundown. Legislators are going to have to jettison a lot of stuff to make a run at shut down. I have “train wreck” in the adjournment pool.

Some bill-trashing will be welcome, like scrapping the misguided measure that tries to short-circuit the electoral college. But giving people time off to go to the caucuses was a good idea that’s apparently dead.

I noticed several disaster-related bills sitting in late session limbo. Huh, I wonder why so many people wanted a special session last fall so that recovery stuff didn’t get all tangled up with other issues in last-minute chaos. Silly.

Radio Iowa focuses on Gov. Chet Culver’s still unfinished $750 million I-Jobs bonding proposal. Covering Iowa Politics also gives its take on what could be the final week.

There’s another anti-gay marriage rally set for today at the Statehouse. Yawn.

Meanwhile, state officials are trying to figure out how to change marriage licenses and birth certificates to reflect new realities. This has posed problems elsewhere, such as in Massachusetts, where then-Gov. Mitt Romney refused to change the forms. He has a strong pro-confusion record on so many key issues.

Mass. eventually switched to putting “Party A” and “Party B” on marriage licenses. And, incidentally, if you can’t agree on who is A or B, it’s a sure sign you should not get hitched.


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