Dowd – Iowa now California Cool

It’s enough to make Steve King lose sleep. From Maureen Dowd in this morning’s New York Times:

California’s having an identity crisis.

Once the West Coast glowed with prosperity and was the harbinger of hip new things. Now it’s in the grip of recession and repression. California’s cool has been stolen by, of all places, Iowa.

White-bread, cornfed, understated Iowa was the first state to ratify the black rookie Barack Obama and has usurped the role everyone thought California would play as a leader in the fight to give gays the right to marry.



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6 responses to “Dowd – Iowa now California Cool

  1. Dan

    Wonder if they would keep Tod on the staff if he happened to slip and say something favorable about a Republican some day . NAW don’t be rediculous.

  2. Iowa Cynic

    @Dan, Todd doesn’t have a lot of positive things to say about any of our politicians. If you weren’t so paranoid you’d see he dishes out the scrutiny with a more even hand than you’ll see just about anywhere, including your beloved fox news.

  3. Maureen Dowd.. add her to the list of people who think IOWA.. actually did something in regards to gay marriage. The fact of the matter is that the legislature of the great state of Iowa being duly elected by the people of the great state of Iowa passed a ban on gay marriage. THAT is something that was done by IOWA. This whole thing was just the court undoing it.

    And this isnt about whether or not I agree with all this hooey. It’s about the reality of the situation, facts, and history.

  4. Monica

    Would Steve King even read the New York Times? After all, it is a liberal rag.

  5. Rob

    Was California ever “cool”? Not the word that I would ever consider using to describe them…

    “Pretentious”, “vain”, “haughty”, “uppity”, “hoity toity”; yes.

  6. Dan

    Iowa cynic >> Have you been reading the same Tod as we “Paranoid” “Fox News ” listeners ? By the way we were censored for using the term pervert but “Paranoid ” is still a Gazette politically correct term. ( Might depend on whoms ox is being gored or maybe coming from Iowa City more freedom of expresion is allowed)

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