So What’s Making Us Uneasy Now?

1. Russian and Chinese cyberspies. The Wall Street Journal reportsthat American experts have found evidence that cyberspies have infiltrated the nation’s power system, leaving behind programs that could be used to screw things up during a war. Stock up on batteries.

2. Body Scanners. Slate reports on creepy full-body scannerstaking over the nation’s airport security checkpoints. Wear your best unmentionables. Get a “Howdy TSA!” tattoo.

3. Bossnapping. Gawker points out a new European trend: kidnapping your boss to avert job cuts. Will America follow?

4. Peeps. They’ll be everywhere this Easter weekend. Watching you with those little beady eyes. Chicago Tribune readers have trapped several marshmallow menaces in adorable dioramas.

5. Tokyo Drink-Spiking. The Washington Post says American businessmen are being warned by the U.S. Embassy about drinking alone in seedy Tokyo strip clubs. They may get drugged and robbed.


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