Taxation History is Made

You may remember that I urged Cedar Rapids voters to pass a local option sales tax increase and take my Marion-based pennies for flood recovery needs. They complied last month. The increase took effect today.

So this morning, at approximately 8:30 a.m., I surrendered my first pennies to the local option tax. I stopped at Starbucks on Collins Road and 1st Ave and bought a dark roast coffee and a NY Times. (The coffee was taxed. I’m pretty sure the newspaper is exempt from sales tax under Iowa law.)

They were the first plinks of many into the city’s big kettle  for “housing, housing and housing.”

I really gave it no thought at the moment of truth. I didn’t even ask for the historic receipt.

But I wanted you to know I’m keeping up my end of the bargain.


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One response to “Taxation History is Made

  1. Josh

    Bully for you — maybe your Marion-based pennies coming to CR will make up for my CR-based dollars going to Marion, Hiawatha, Anamosa, and Vinton.

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