Bars – Jiamen

Speaking of retro relief, my wife and I had drinks and dinner at Jiamen recently. It’s the newish Asian restaurant at 5400 Edgewood Road NE.

Dinner was not as “innovative” as the sign outside promises and as I hoped, but we’ll go back and try again. I’ll reserve judgment on the food for now.  The place has lots of potential.

Instead, I’ll dwell on the big positive of the night – a bar that boasts a cocktail menu featuring a long list of vintage drinks.

You can order up a Corpse Reviver #2,  French 75, Sazerac, Sidecar, Vesper, Singapore Sling, Old Fashioned and several others. 

I stayed in the rye food group with a Sazerac and a Manhattan. They were hefty, stiff drinks mixed well. Once drained, I was ready to head down to the docks with Sam Spade to check out the La Paloma.

Although, my wife probably would not have approved. Dames.

The bartenders were friendly and fast. The bar  was busy enough to give off a happening buzz but quiet enough for conversation. Big flat screen TVs remind you it’s not 1945, but with March madness basketball on both, there was no complaint from me.

Bottom line, it’s a good place to drink in a little history, or whatever you feel like. They also have a pretty good beer selection.

And if you’re wondering about a Sazerac,  it’s a New Orleans invention and is considered the city’s official cocktail.

A complete history and recipe can be found here.




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3 responses to “Bars – Jiamen

  1. I was at a bar here in Seattle last night and wanted an Old Fashioned. Its very hard to find a bar that knows how to make one.. and this place was no different. It tasted like I was drinking right from the whiskey bottle.

    Oh well, the search continues.

  2. dougm

    No Grain Belt?

  3. tdorman

    Not that I saw, dougm, unfortunately. But I guess I can’t expect perfection.

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