Monday Reads — Buyer’s Regret

Did you ever have buyers regret?

Sure, you drop a chunk of cash on something and later wonder whether it was the smart play. It happens.

Say you’re a Cedar Rapids city official, and you read this morning’s on-the-scene report form The Gazette’s Adam Belz on temporary flood barriers failing twice in Fargo along the Red River, the same ones CR ordered up as part its temporary protection scheme. That’s gotta give you pause over your oatmeal.

The HESCO barries “wouldn’t be able to withstand water at any significant height,” the story says. I don’t think that came from the company’s brochure. But I’m expecting a “they didn’t use them right” or something from the leaky barrier maker any minute now.

Belz also hits a line drive the city’s direction with his description of what it looks like when a flooded town has a strong mayor to lead the way. There apparently is no leadership debate in Fargo, like there is around these parts. Maybe we can hire Mayor Dennis Walaker to be our flood CEO.

So what else are we regretting?

The Register has an interesting piece today on the consequences of Gov. Chet Culver’s bonding plan. Bonding delivers a large up-front pool of infrastructure spending but paying back the bonds will deplete funding over the long run, according to the state auditor. The Cato Institute also says debt is bad.

Anybody want to buy a shuttered dog track on the outskirts of Waterloo? The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier says it’s for sale to anyone who will redevelop the property for another use. Apparently the track’s owner, the National Cattle Congress, is finally giving up hope of ever bringing gambling back to the property.

And will you still buy Old Style, now that it’s fully kreuzened again and more expensive?

The Omaha World-Herald probes this vital issue this morning. Beer fans quoted in the article are wary of the changes, especially the fact that a $12.99 case now costs $18.99. Old Style is trying to follow Schlitz, which went back to its old formula at a higher price and saw sales rise this year.

And may your day by fully kreuzened as well.


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