It’s Spring, But Don’t Get Too Cocky

Spring in Town Grant Wood 1941

"Spring in Town" Grant Wood 1941

My youngest daughter, upon learning that spring arrived officially at 6:44 a.m. this morning, rushed to the window to see if the trees had leaves. I guess she thinks seasons pop on and off like the TV in the living room.

Click. Backyardigans. Click. Spring. Click Curious George.

Although, after this week’s warm weather, it’s hard not to believe that Winter is a-mouldering in its cold, cold grave. Of course, the National Weather Service will set you straight. Killjoys.

According to the Quad-Cities forecast office, historically, the average last snowfall date is March 28. That’s in the Quad-Cities, but I’m sure it’s probably not that much different around Cedar Rapids.

The latest final measurable snowfall, according to the NWS, was May 3, 1935. The earliest it stopped snowing was Feb. 19, 1908. The largest last snowfall was 7.5 inches on March 31, 1886.

Last year, the QC got its last 1.5-inch shot of white stuff on March 27.

This year, Cedar Rapids hasn’t seen measurable snow since Feb. 21, when we got an inch.

I’d love nothing more than to put away my shovels and cover up the snow blower. But I know better.

The latest spring snow I can remember was in 1994, when I was covering the Drake Relays for the Iowa Falls Times-Citizen, my first job out of college.

It was the last day of April, but I was standing in a couple inches of wet snow with more snow/rain falling. The forecast lied. I wasn’t dressed for it. I was wet and frozen.

I was also nearly creamed multiple times by a discus while shooting photos. Throwers kept losing their grip in the wet conditions.

How cold and wet was I? I was so miserable that I skipped watching Carl Lewis run a special invitational 100m dash.

So I’ll leave the shovel on standby until May, or at least until I can look out the window and see leaves on the trees.



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2 responses to “It’s Spring, But Don’t Get Too Cocky

  1. DJ

    Hey Todd,
    I was at those Relays. Afterwards, Carl Lewis basically said: If these people can sit here for hours in the snow to watch me run, I can take my sweats off for 11 seconds. Still memorable.
    Your fellow TC Alum,

  2. Martha Not-Stewart

    I try to forget about the possibility of April snow! I haven’t fully recovered from the shock of April snow in 1973.

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