Wednesday Reads — Scared, but not Shaken

Hey parents, hoping for something new to be scared about?  

Tainted peanut butter’s old news? Yawning at toy recalls? Immunizations, allergies, stranger danger, packs of wild dogs all leave you unmoved?

Well, The Sioux City Journal fronts newsof a new one — library books with print that may contain high levels of lead.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission is “urging”  libraries to remove books from shelves printed before 1986 while the agency looks into the lead ink link.

But wait, few libraries are complying. Madness?:

Few, if any, libraries are complying, and many librarians are ridiculing the recommendation as alarmist. Even the nation’s premier medical sleuths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, say any danger from lead in children’s books is slight.

One Sioux City official said there’s another reason the nation’s librarians aren’t up in arms: Good children’s books, especially picture books, just don’t last 24 years.

“For a picture book, life is generally shorter than that,” said Jeanette Bobeen, youth services manager for the Sioux City Public Library. “They have a hard life.”

 Way to ruin a good scare. Just when I had a pile of vintage Dr. Suess ready for burning.

Another letdown – the scary New Madrid fault  that shakes us occassionally and threatened to unleash a catastrophic quake one of these days may be going out of business, according to new research by Purdue and Northwestern U.  The Quad-City Times fronts the AP story, but doesn’t link it online.

Researchers say the fault doesn’t appear to be building up the stress that leads to an eventual big shake. In fact, there’s so little motion being detected along the fault that they conclude it may be shutting down.

Of course, this is the point where Tommy Lee Jones breaks into the briefing with an armload of data that says St. Louis is going to sink into the ground Monday at 9:38 a.m. But will they listen to this renegade? No way.

Stress is still building in the economy, and it’s claimed another college sports program. The Globe-Gazette fronts news that North Iowa Area Community College is dropping football as it tries to tackle an $800,000 budget shortfall. Cutting the program saves $171,000, according to school officials. The story mentions that players must now scramble to find a new team before next season.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley backed off about a half-inch Tuesday from his Monday comments about AIG executives taking a Japanese-style DIY checkout. He’s still hopping mad, along with many Americans, about bonuses being paid to company employees even after the fed bailed out the irresponsible company. The Register’s John Carlson does a nice job sizing up the saga this morning.


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