Fun With Public Records — Wined and Dined

I killed some time today perusing the reports filed by special interest groups that hold receptions and invite members of the Legislature. I did it while enjoying my lunch, which was paid for by the Cedar Rapids Association of Goateed Columnists.

It’s a small but powerful group.

The economy may be bad, but groups are still shelling out bucks to entertain our lawmakers, all cold and alone and so far from home. And how can you survive three-and-a-half days of legislating without adequate sustenance — cheese, cocktail weenies, maybe some shrimp. Mmmm.

Here are the top 6 priciest receptions through March 7:

1. Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Feb. 24, Embassy Suites — $15,807.43*

2. Greater Des Moines Partnership, Jan. 12, Civic Center — $10,405

3. Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors, Jan. 20, Savery Hotel — $9,913.33

4. Iowa Credit Union League, Feb. 17, Embassy Suites — $9,105.81

5. Des Moines University, Feb. 4, at DMU — $8,629.40**

6. Iowa Bankers Association, Feb. 11, Embassy Suites — $8,449.76

* Reception included 88 lawmakers and 261 Farm Bureau members

** DMU faculty, alumni and students were also invited.


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One response to “Fun With Public Records — Wined and Dined

  1. sam bergus

    This CRAGC sounds like an organization that you, as a member of the press, should be keeping your eyes on. I hope you won’t be swayed by them providing you lunch, and driving you to work.

    If you don’t stay vigilant and exercise your journalistic ethics, you may find that they are writing your columns for you.

    On a serious note, I hope you keep up the good work. You exemplify what a local journalist should be and I find your columns and blog posts entertaining and enlightening (at least usually).

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