Web War – Corbett vs. Hinzman

Gazette City Hall guru Rick Smith reports at his Eye on the Island blog that even though Ron Corbett is the only announced candidatefor mayor of Cedar Rapids, he has competition online.

Gary Hinzman also has a Web site touting his candidacy. Hinzman is the director of correctional services for the 6th Judicial District. Corbett is a former Iowa House speaker, CR chamber president and currently works a trucking company executive.

So who has the better site? Corbett’s is a lot more engaging and has the feel of a modern political campaign site, probably because folks at Davenport’s Victory Enterprises, which designed it, know what they’re doing.

You can fill out a volunteer form, donate money (always important), follow Corbett on Twitter, Facebook etc., check out what bloggers are writing about his campaign, watch his announcement video and even print out a campaign poster.

There’s also merchandise. Why anyone would want a Ron Corbett dog shirt or car flag escapes me, but what’s he got to lose?

Hinzman’s site has a nice breakdown of his long list of qualifications, impressive resume, honors etc., but as of yet, there is no contact info and no interactive features. If you want to read lots of articles he’s written on weighty corrections issues, you’ve come to the right place.

So it’s Corbett’s slick, professionally packaged site vs. Hinzman’s old school impress-with-heft approach. Could be a preview of what the campaign might be like, although it’s very early.

But let’s focus on what’s really important – slogans.

Hinzman — “A Voice for All People. A FORCE FOR POSITIVE CHANGE.” He also has “A Vision for Cedar Rapids” at the bottom of the home page.

Corbett  — “Leadership for Cedar Rapids.”

It’s a tough call. I like Hinzman’s use of all caps, but three slogans is too many. I have to give Corbett the nod for focus and brevity.


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