Smuggler’s Update

Exhibit A, Cowboy Boots, Red

Exhibit A, Cowboy Boots, Red

Maybe you remember my post a couple of weeks ago, detailing my 3-year-old daughter’s attempts to smuggle small items to daycare inside her red cowboy boots. Coins, lip balm, markers etc. were spirited out of the house in boots evidently made for sneaking.

Well, since then, heightened parental vigilance has paid off.

Just one smuggling attempt has been made in recent days. And she might have gotten away with it, too, if she hadn’t put her boots on the wrong feet. I noticed, took them off and discovered a small Barbie accessory.


In this case, boots-on-the-wrong-feet was the preschool equivalent of the infamous broken tail light. There is always some small detail that escapes even the sharpest criminal mind.

Reputed Smuggler

So what's in the pumpkin?

Still, Ella is not exactly going straight. For one thing. she’s started hiding small items in pockets of her backpack.


She’s also taken on new aliases, including “Stephanie Hairstyle” and “Princess Silverware.” I am not making this up.

An ear infection threw a wrench into her operation this week. But 10 days of a sticky, bubble gum-flavored antibiotic elixir should put her back in business.

I’m also worried about her older sister, who may soon develop some sort of muscle strain from rolling her eyes so often at her little sister’s antics.

It’s all very embarrassing. Honestly.




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One response to “Smuggler’s Update

  1. Deb

    I just want to say, as a mom…I LOVE this stuff.
    It’s so true to kid honest, and so unabashedly human.
    Thanks for sharing!

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