Last Call For Local Irish Pubs

Mahoneys Irish Pub

Mahoney's Irish Pub

I was reading this New York Times article  this morning (in the print edition, yes, they still print news) about an author who wrote a book about his search for traditional pubs in Ireland. I may just have to grab a copy of Bill Barich’s “A Pint of Plain.”

Besides making me thirsty, the piece got me to thinking about local joints of Irish heritage, or at least places that claim it.

Mahoney’s Irish Pub at 1602 E Ave NE in Cedar Rapids is one of the first bars I visited after moving here. I love the place. A small, friendly neighborhood place with a great beer selection.

The Irish Democrat, of course, is a local institution and a great place to grab a pint and a bite.

Bill’s Drinking Establishment,  a bar with an Irish soul if not an Irish name, reveres St. Patrick’s Day to the point that the downtown Marion tavern celebrated “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” last September.

So what else can you come up with? What are the other can’t miss joints we should know about with the big day approaching Tuesday?

This is your chance to plug your favorite pub.



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5 responses to “Last Call For Local Irish Pubs

  1. Paddy O’Rourkes on 16th Street NE

  2. thumbsupracing

    Rumors will have Rosie B playing St Pats Day. While not really Irish other than for this day, “Rosie B at Rumors” is synonymous with getting really drunk in the afternoon – how Irish is that?

  3. Name

    Shawn O’Ryans on 2nd Ave

  4. Hey dont forget about DC’s Riverwalk. I think they are having their grand opening celebration on St Patrick’s day.

  5. Anne

    Beckett’s has great food and a good beer list.

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