Mauro’s a College Man

Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro,a Democrat, doesn’t like the constitutional end run around the Electoral College being considered by the Legislature. He likes the presidential process as-is, with Iowa playing an influential role in national politics.

Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson has the goods.

Senate File 227 would hand Iowa’s electoral votes to the national popular vote winner, even if that nominee fails to win Iowa. It’s passed a Senate committee, but I think it’s headed for the scrap heap.

UPDATE — Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, weighs in at this hour:

A Statement from Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal

Regarding reforms designed to ensure that every Iowa vote is counted

“I support the popular vote reforms because they will ensure that every Iowan’s vote is counted in presidential elections. It is mystifying to me why anyone would cling to an antiquated, winner-take-all Electoral College system that allows a person to be elected to the Presidency without winning the most popular votes nationwide. The popular vote reforms will fix this problem and make sure that every Iowan’s vote is counted in every election.

“In addition, as a member of the Democratic National Committee, I am confident that Iowa will retain its first-in-the-nation caucus status if we adopt the National Popular Vote Act.”

Perhaps I spoke too soon about the scrap heap. But I still don’t get a sense that this has broad support.

I, too, think the system is antiquated, but this is not how you change the U.S. Constitution. You formally amend it.

UPDATE II — Now Gov. Culver is on record in opposition. Scrap heap here it comes.



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4 responses to “Mauro’s a College Man

  1. Some people forget that this is NOT a majority rule country. The system is not antiquated. The system has worked for 200 years. The people who wish to change this system are those who would benefit from such a change. Those politicians in large urban centers. We all know who controls those parts of the country.

  2. Todd

    The people who support this effort are trying to gin up support for this effort calling it “democracy in action”.

    However, what the liberals are trying to fool people into believing is that America is a direct democracy. That is not the case whatsoever. America is a representative republic.

    The Founding Fathers of our country knew that a direct democracy would end up causing more problems than it would solve.

    Sure, on the surface it sounds great..let the winner of the popular vote be elected. Look deeper though here people..

    Are people’s votes who live in North Dakota or Iowa or Alaska any less than a person who lives in New York or California? Of course not…however, this legislation does EXACTLY would make people who live outside of the top 20% of populated locations in the U.S. completely irrelevant in our government.

    Future Presidents would no longer be representing the U.S…but those who live in our most populated areas…

    Our state has far bigger problems right now..yet our legislators in Des Moines feel it necessary to waste the public’s time debating unnecessary legislation like this.

    I have a great suggestion…our state is currently 600 million in debt…how about finding some solutions to that problem first before trying to do an end run around our nation’s Founding Fathers.

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  4. Todd Nicholson

    Culver gets some well-deserved knuckle-rapping at this blog

    The current system Iowa uses to allocate electoral votes isn’t “more constitutional” than the national popular vote proposal — and Iowa’s role in the general election as a swing state is fleeting. I’ll go with the 75% majority of Iowans on this one!

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