Be the Poll — LOST

I know this local option sales tax thing is being voted on town-by-town, but this is a chance for you sound off, regardless of where you live.

Vote, make a comment. Get it off your chest. It will all be over Tuesday.

Still undecided?

The Cedar Rapids Tea Party  (Opposes)

Vote Yes for Our Neighbors. (Supports)

The Gazette’s Adam Belz has been answering questions all week at his County Supervision blog.

Last week’s poll: Gov. Chet Culver’s Job Performance: 65 percent disapprove, 28 percent approve, 7 percent don’t give a lug. (119 votes cast as of Friday afternoon)


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One response to “Be the Poll — LOST

  1. lobosolo

    the problem with online polls, is that most of your online voters are under 40, while most of your actual voters are over 40.. otherwise Ron Paul would now be president …

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