Smuggler’s Boots

Reputed Smuggler

Reputed Smuggler

Imagine my surprise this week when I found out my youngest daughter is a well-known smuggler.

I was informed by daycare security experts that my 3-year-old daughter has been smuggling contraband into the building and under my nose. In recent weeks, she’s been caught with unauthorized coins, a tube of lip gloss, some of her sister’s jewelry and, on Tuesday, a small, red felt-tipped marker.

Maybe you’re wondering how she got these objects past my watchful eye.

Exhibit A, Cowboy Boots, Red

Exhibit A, Cowboy Boots, Red

It turns out she hid the contraband in her red cowboy boots.

And to think, I was actually pleased when I’d hurry down the stairs in the morning and find her already wearing her boots, ready to go. What a big girl.

It was all a clever ruse. A calculated diversion.

Now, one more thing has been added to my already too-busy morning routine. A boot check.

I can’t wait for sandals weather.



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3 responses to “Smuggler’s Boots

  1. Brad and Jennifer

    We’re sure glad to see Dorman blogging today. We do hope he’s about the 600’th person to be fired from the Gazette company of 600 employees.

    Dorman–you’re a real asset to that newspaper. We actually pay for it and would drop it in a second the day they get rid of you.

  2. brent oleson

    my daughter has her classmates smuggling in clean white sock for her after claiming to all that will listen that our washing machine is broke. where do they come up with this stuff. at least she got 3 new pairs of socks out of the adventurous story.

  3. maryiowa

    Wait till she starts stealing change out of your change jar. Just write a big “Don’t” on it. She’ll then write “OK.” Problem solved. Wonder if that would work for Congress.

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