Todd is Full of…

…good ideas, of course. Hey, what were you thinking?

Not nice.

1. Snoomba — Robotic snowblower cleans your driveway and sidewalks while you stand inside, looking out the window at the splendor of winter, sipping an Irish coffee.  I feel warm just thinking about it.

2. Poogle Maps — Handy site that would allow parents to pinpoint the coordinates of the nearest non-scary public restroom when the words, “I have to go potty,” are heard from the backseat.

3. Fritter — What are you eating?

4. Pester — Analog social networking. Take a stack of Post-It notes, walk up to people, write a short note and stick it to them. Wait for a reply.

5. Dither — What are you waiting for?



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2 responses to “Todd is Full of…

  1. Martha Not-Stewart

    Funny post!

  2. John W.

    LOL. Love the “analog social networking.”

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