From Illinois, With Love

Chicago Tribune Columnist Steve Chapman has written an open letter to Iowa, asking us to help clean up his state’s corrupt politics. Good stuff.

My favorite part:

We propose that the honest, decent folks of Iowa annex us, vote out all our grifters, shysters, thieves, extortionists, bagmen, flunkies and mopes, and replace them with clean-cut, plain-spoken guardians of the public interest-of which you have a surplus.

It’s a win-win deal, giving each state what it currently lacks. We’d get good government and honest politicians. You’d get Major League Baseball, Lake Michigan, great airline service, restaurants that serve something fancier than meatloaf and night life you can’t find in Oskaloosa.

 He obviously has never partied in Osky.



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2 responses to “From Illinois, With Love

  1. Brent Oleson

    Thanks for the laugh. In this case, the truth didn’t hurt.

  2. Noel Kehrt

    On the other hand, this city could use a little Richard Daley-esque leadership. He sure as hell isn’t afraid to make a decision. Allegedly corrupt, and probably is, but he get’s stuff done. He’s not an eloquent public speaker either, but he doesn’t fall asleep at meetings.

    We do have a decent sushi place now on the north side.

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