Mailbag — Total Recall

It was a light week for mail. I actually got more phone call comments this week than e-mail, which is unusual.

My Thursday column endorsing legislation that would giver voters power to remove local officials through recall drew the most response.

I received one negative call from a reader who argued that recall would lead to more costly elections. Of all the things government spends money on, I’d say elections bother me the least.

Most were supportive, like Larry Long:

I say not only do Iowa voters deserve the right to recall, AND that IOWA’S ELECTED OFFICIALS DESERVE TO WAKE UP IN A COLD SWEAT, at least on occasions like we find ourselves in now.

Kevin Litten, who informs me he ran as a Libertarian candidate for governor in 2006, would go further than recall. He wants a law spelling out voters’  petition to put initiatives on the ballot:

One of my other issues that might tie into your voter recall is that of citizens petitions, also known as ballot initiatives. Our state’s constitution gives us that right. It is in the opening line: all rights shall belong to the people …. The problem is that our politicians have never outlined just how that should happen. A group of Iowans would need to collect probably 1500 or more signatures and file their petition with the Secretary of State who would then turn it down because there is nothing in the law books about it.

 My Sunday column detailing my 1996 Honda’s efforts to stimulate the economy, save the planet and trim my waistline drew some mail.

Dick Street also drives aging classics:

You forgot 2 of the most important things driving an old car/truck teach you – patience and anger management.

I have found the only way to keep your perspective with a old car/truck is to keep telling yourself “well I’m not paying $300 dollars a month for car payments, so as long as I pay less than $3600. a year in repair bills – I’m ahead”. Plus the silver lining is you don’t have to worry about someone stealing it – nobody would want it.

 Good points. Keep ’em coming.


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  1. JimD

    Don’t forget the dirt cheap license plate fee and liability-only insurance plan. Membership in the subprime auto club has it’s privileges!

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