What’s My Governor Doing?

On Friday, he’s signing a gaggle of critical proclamations. Hot off the presses from the governor’s office:


DES MOINES – Governor Chet Culver will hold a public signing for four proclamations tomorrow morning in his formal office. The proclamations will declare February 2009, as Children’s Dental Health Month, Financial Aid Awareness Month, and College Goal Sunday Month. The fourth proclamation will designate March 2009, as Professional Social Work Month in Iowa.

Still waiting for Snark Awareness Month. Saving lives by cracking wise.


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One response to “What’s My Governor Doing?

  1. Gary Ellis

    Where’s the beef? The Congress is spending our future and the Gazette has ZERO coverage, what’s the matter, cat got your tongue?

    How can you ignore a trillion dollar non-stimulus bill that not one congressmen has seen. How can you ignore a Treasury Secretary planning to spend a trillion dollars but he can’t explain on what? How can you ignore a Fairness Doctrine designed to limit free speech? I hear the Fairness Doctrine will apply to print and TV media as well as radio!

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