Friday Mailbag — Salaries and Love Lost

Needless to say, most of my e-mail this week was tied to the two columns I wrote on the Linn County Board of Supervisors’ pay saga. You can read Tuesday’s here and Thursday’s here.

The supervisors meet today at 1 p.m. at the Palmer Building to take action on the salary issue. I’m hearing there may be a few more plot twists.

Carol Olson was one of many readers who agreed that supervisors’ pay should not stay at $87,622 after the board abandoned last year’s pre-election promise to cut their own pay to $70.000.

Just read your column this morning and you said exactly what I was thinking after watching the 10:00 news last night! $17,000 is more important than stepping up in these difficult times and doing the right thing! “Character Counts” is a class taught in Iowa elementary schools — I do believe the Linn County Supervisors need a crash course!

Eve Casserly also doesn’t think much of the freeze.

It is appalling – given the horrific problems so many in Linn county are having – that these privileged few would rub all our noses in their ability to lie to us and then get away with it.

Next election is four years down the road. Will all the voters have forgotten – by then – the lack of ethics on the part of these supervisors?

Lila Kramer hopes the Legislature takes action on House Minority Leader Kraig Paulsen’s bill that would give local voters recall powers.

Your comments on our Linn County Board of Supervisors is “RIGHT ON”……. and hundreds of other residents must agree w/ you too since I see the they are e-mailing our legislators in Des Moines to files a “recall” bill………. I plan to e-mail my State Rep. Kraig Paulsen & Senator Rob Hoog to let them know I am in favor of this bill.

I also got some mail on last Sunday’s column detailing the ill-fated, whirlwind affair between Linn and Dale. Their love now seems to be as dead as a big 1970s shopping mall.

Some readers, like Peg Dvorak, liked my twist on the Westdale Mall saga.

Have always enjoyed your columns but the one today made me laugh out loud. It was a hoot! Thanks for the reading pleasure.

But Luke Sandberg strongly disagreed.

I can’t believe they actually published this waste of space. Have you ever heard someone dissect a joke until all humor is lost? That’s what you did with this column. You made a terrible analogy and then beat the dead horse all the way down the page. I’ve never contacted a “columnist” before, but this was inspirational. The Gazette has reached a new low.

I bet Dale’s mad too, especially now that Linn is moving in with Steve and Barry. Keep the e-mails coming.


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